Commercial Movers

As one of the leading commercial moving companies in Hayward, CA with over three decades of experience relocating commercial and industrial spaces, we’re here to help you relax and get your move off to an incredible start. Since our founding in 1982, we have been providing successful commercial moving and storage services for small local firms to large corporations throughout the San Francisco Bay area and Northern California. We have instituted a series of quality measures to ensure consistent, high-quality service in every phase of the moving process.

Discover the Most Trusted Commercial Movers in the San Francisco Bay Area with offices in Hayward, CA and San Jose, CA

We know the moving business better than anyone. Our commercial moving is streamlined and productive as we provide well-thought-out move plans that minimize downtime and contain costs throughout the move. You can count on us to provide you with the best possible moving experience as we make every move smoother and less stressful for everyone.

Scope of Services

NOR-CAL Moving Services provides a wide range of moving and storage services to suit the unique requirements of your business or project. Start by planning through a pre-move meeting on-site for each phase to discuss timelines and end with a post move meeting. We provide you with the solution for making smarter use of the space you have as we keep your items in our secure storage facility. From working with your budget, priorities, needs and schedule, our services are all customizable solutions that matches your needs which ultimately help make your move successful.

Professional Movers

Whether you require a small move or a major move with multiple phases, our Commercial Relocation Consultants and professionally trained movers will offer an efficient move every time. As a leading commercial moving company, we will plan each aspect of your relocation to ensure your move is executed successfully. We will start by conducting a site visit to establish all of your requirements before your relocation takes place. Depending on the scope of the move, a Project Coordinator or Manager is assigned to ensure communication and timelines are kept on track throughout the move. Let’s start planning today and see how our professional movers can help your next commercial move.

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