The commercial movers at NOR-CAL Moving not only load and deliver your business’ office equipment, but the San Francisco Movers also provide modular furniture installation. Many other San Francisco commercial moving companies leave you – the customer – to install your furniture. Meaning you have to take out those dusty tools – if you even own any – and begin the long process of installing hundreds of cubicles. This is a tedious task you shouldn’t have to invest your time into, so look no further than NOR-CAL’s San Francisco commercial moving services to help you get to where you need to be. We make sure your focus is on running your business, and not on trying to figure out when you should use a Phillips versus a flat head screwdriver. We make San Francisco commercial moving simple with more of the movers time involved in the actual move and more of your time focused on your next business proposal.


In San Francisco, commercial moving can consist of small businesses with ten employees or large corporate headquarters with 2,000 employees. We can provide San Francisco commercial moving services for both size companies. Our San Francisco commercial movers offer their labor-saving techniques to your business, no matter what the size. We offer a wide range of moving services, including:

  • General Office Furniture
  • Libraries and File Rooms
  • Computer Equipment
  • Modular Workstation Installation

At NOR-CAL our San Francisco commercial movers even discard you unwanted electronic hardware in accordance with California’s Electronic Waste Recycling Act. We will provide you with a certificate of the environmentally safe equipment disposal for a small fee. Call NOR-CAL’s San Francisco commercial moving company today for more information on how we can transport your business supplies during your office relocation.