Moving an Office in Mountain View, CA

Moving an Office to a New Location in Mountain View, CA, NOR-CAL Moving Services Can Help

Moving an office presents a number of challenges not seen with residential moves. One of these is trying to make your move without affecting your business. Mountain View, CA is nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley, moving your office here can help increase your business, but only if the move is completed with minimal interruption to the flow of your business. NOR-CAL Moving Services understands the importance of providing you with a seamless office moving experience that includes a personal point of contact who will be there to keep things moving smoothly, from start to finish. To help you get settled in, we have put together three of our favorite fun places to visit in the Mountain View, CA area.

If you are going to have an office and perhaps a home in Mountain View, you have to visit the Computer History Museum. The museum houses a massive collection of computer equipment ranging from the earliest days of adding machines to today’s supercomputers. The museum is also home to a self-driving car and tons of great video games. Nothing beats fresh produce straight from the farm or orchard. The Mountain View Farmers Market is open from 9 am to 1 pm every Sunday come rain or shine. You can literally do all of your grocery shopping here, including meats, fruits, veggies, nuts, eggs, dairy, breads, and much more. Just for fun, you can visit the Google Visitor’s Center and check out the many Android statues decorating the area around.

When you need help with moving an office moving in Silicon Valley, you need a team of packers and movers with the experience needed to get the job done. Our experts can handle disconnecting and reconnecting your office equipment, computers, and IT servers with minimal downtime. Our goal is to help you keep your office and business up and running so that you can take care of your clients.

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