International Moving Guide

We are here to help you get to where you are going safely and smoothly. Upon confirming your services with us, NOR-CAL Moving Services in partnership with Allied International will assign you an International Relocation Coordinator to guide you step by step as you prepare for your international relocation. Our expertise and professional service will help guide you for an international move that is seamless.

Restricted Items for International Move

We are committed to help provide a successful international move for you. Part of this process includes providing information on certain restricted items that should not be included within your shipment to avoid the danger of harming others or your goods. This also helps to clear customs quickly and reduce expense at destination. Please note that some countries may apply restrictions on certain items.

Hazardous Goods

Aerosol spray cans of any kind


Acids or Solvents



Fire Extinguishers




Insecticides and Poisons


Lighter fluids


Paints and Paint thinners

Perishable foods

Propane tanks

Restricted Items



Building materials

Carry-On luggage with

Lithium batteries

Consumable products (toiletries)

Drugs and Medications


Firewood or Raw wood products

Firearms and Guns

Food items


Ivory products

Live plants


Military Uniforms and/or memorabilia



Religious statues and

Religious ornaments


Weapons (knives, swords, etc.)

Wine, Alcohol, Liquor

All items on the endangered Species List


Preparing for a Smooth International Move

  • Separate and set aside items that you’ll need or are not to be packed with regular household items such as valuables, passports and travel documents, clothing and personal items you’ll need for traveling, mortgage, insurance and automobile documents you may need after the move, house keys and other items to ship separately such as Air Freight items, Storage items, and Items not to move.
  • Separate items you’d like to donate.
  • Provide all documentation for customs clearance.
  • Provide a completed insurance form, as applicable, for each part of your shipment (ocean, air, storage) with the replacement value of your belongings at your destination.
  • Plan to have all valuables such as jewelry, cash, stocks, bonds, coin and stamp collections and important documents to be transported with you personally.
  • Have items that have been fixed to the wall or ceiling (chandeliers, lighting or cabinets) professionally removed and ready for packing.
  • Consult manuals for all electronics so you can properly prepare them for transportation. All electronic items must be move-ready before our arrival on move day. Make sure your electronics are compatible in your new location as these may vary in some locations.
  • Computer equipment must be ready for transport, including removing all printer ink cartridges and backing up your computer hard drive onto media you can carry separately or upload to a cloud-based storage. Pack only new, sealed ink cartridges opened or used cartridges may leak.
  • Defrost, disconnect and dry all freezers, refrigerators, dishwashers or washers at least 24 hours prior to move day. Disconnect all stoves, cookers or ovens unless otherwise included in the quote.
  • If you have a front loading washing machine, please have the custom blocking device supplied by the manufacturer ready for our crew to install for moving. This device is required to protect the machine from damage during movement, as noted in the manual. If the blocking device is not provided and installed, we will not be responsible if damage occurs.
  • Remove all items from any attic or loft spaces without a fully boarded floor. This is to save you from any legal liability. Similarly, these areas should have a secure, stable ladder or stairway access.
  • Clean all mowers and garden equipment and drain all gas, oil and fluids.
  • Gather and dispose of items that cannot be shipped. Refer to restricted item list above.

Allied International Packing Requirements

Our goal is to safely move your belongings and to clear customs quickly. Because of this, we have set our international packing requirements to include having our crew pack for our customers who are moving internationally. The reasons are:

  1. We must declare and verify that no hazardous items are included in the shipment. The only way to ensure this is to have our crews pack our customer’s belongings safely and securely.
  2. Packing lists that we compile are the same documents used by customs officials at the destination country to permit entry of our customer’s household goods. Customs authorities require a full descriptive inventory, including the content of cartons and boxes. We are not permitted to have descriptions such as “Packed by Owner” or “Miscellaneous.”
  3. Complications and consequences for both our customer and our company as a result of including restricted or prohibited items are significant. Depending upon the destination, obvious items such as firearms, alcohol and pornography to less obvious items like religious artifacts, DVDs and certain foods can create problems. We have a strong obligation and commitment to maintaining control of what is packed for compliance of all shipments.
  4. Many countries require the make, model and serial numbers for all electronic appliances, regardless of size or purpose. Part of our packing process is to clearly identify these crucial numbers to avoid extensive examination and additional charges for our customer at the destination.
  5. The Allied International Transit Protection policy will not cover your goods for loss or damage if we do not pack your household goods and personal effects.

For more information on how we can help with your international move, contact us today.

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