What to do While Professional Movers Move Your Home

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Ways to Help Professional Movers on Moving Day in Hayward, CA, San Jose, CA, & Surrounding Bay Areas

If you hire expert movers, you can relax on moving day. But that doesn’t imply your job is done. Having a plan can help make the day run more smoothly.



Firstly, you must be present on moving day. If you can’t be there, find someone who can: a friend, neighbor, or family member. Confirm they will be available all day to assist the movers and do the activities listed below. This individual should be able to contact you if a scenario arises.


Give parking directions

Find out where the movers can park beforehand. Moving into a single-family home? The movers will likely pull into your driveway. If so, check with your HOA. Find out ahead of time. Moving to or from an apartment requires knowing where the moving van can park. Ask the landlord. A structure with street parking? You’ll need to contact the city for details.

On moving day, be outside to instruct the movers where to park if required. While you should have given the firm parking instructions, the driver may not have received them.


Make way

Once again, before the movers arrive, walk the path they will take to the moving van from all possible exits (front, garage, and backyard). Remove obstacles like the garden hose or kids’ toys. Winter: shovel the snow; winter: salt the roads. Sweep or blow away any leaves, branches, or trash.

Keeping these pathways free during the day is critical. Moving heavy appliances or furniture can obscure movers’ vision. They may need to walk backwards to help with big goods. Securing their path should be a priority.


Tour them

Greet the movers at the door and show them around the house. Indicate any items that you believe are difficult or require extra attention. If you set up a no-pack zone, point it. You might even relocate your own items to a room you can seal off. Close the door and tape “Do Not Pack” on it.

Include restrooms and hydration stations for movers during the trip (more on that later). Finally, show them all of the home’s exits so they know their alternatives when packing. Please warn them of any potential hazards on their way to and from the moving van.


Host well

Offer a drink to the movers. Morning coffee, especially on cold days, is appreciated, but otherwise bottled water will do. Keep granola bars or trail mix on hand as well. Offer to buy pizza or subs. Also’s not only a nice gesture, but it allows the movers to return to work faster.

Set up a washing station with liquid soap and paper towels in your bathroom. So the movers can wash up before meals or after hauling something nasty like garage things. Obviously, if it’s hot outside, turn down the thermostat. Consider installing fans to keep the air flowing. In the winter, keep the doors open and turn up the heat if it gets too cold.


Keep the kids busy

Keep your kids out of the way as the movers pack and load your stuff. Do your best to keep an eye on them. If not, pack a bag of activities including coloring books, favorite toys, books to read, playdough, and crafts. Then relax with a movie or video game. Options include tablets and smartphones.

Likewise for pets. Pre-book your pet’s daycare. With the doors and gates open, they can easily flee. Or ask a friend to keep your dogs for the day. Close your pets in their crate or kennel. Take them outside for breaks and give them lots of water. Don’t forget to feed them if you’re moving.


Be available for help

Professional movers know how to load fragile objects safely. Resist the impulse to assist. Let them do their job. Instead, be available to answer questions or handle concerns. If you need to run an errand, go to lunch, or visit a neighbor, give them your phone number.

After they finish loading the moving vehicle, give them the correct address and directions to your new home. Then, if you want, tip them. A tip for a job well done is not expected but appreciated. The normal tip for an 8-hour day is $20, although you can tip more or less.


If you packed

On moving day, your duties are much the same whether you pack your own stuff or hire movers. The main difference is that you must have all boxes packed and labeled before the movers arrive. Indicate where the box should go in the new house. Organize the boxes so the movers can easily find them. Clear paths so movers don’t have to dodge boxes on their route to the vehicle.


Contact NOR-CAL Moving Services

Moving can be a hassle, so make sure to delegate duties. NOR-CAL Moving Services’ broad network of professional movers can pack and relocate your entire home. You only need to be accessible on moving day to assist with inquiries and logistics. Contact us today to see what we can do to help you with your next move.

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