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If you have moving help in the Bay Area, here are things you can do while the movers are working

You hired that team of professional movers and they are working. You’re now probably wondering what to do. It can feel a bit weird just sitting around while the team of movers is working themselves to the bone. If you have hired moving help in the Bay Area, here are some things you can do while the movers are working to make the process go quicker.

Declutter ahead of time

You can do this one before the movers even get there. Make sure you have packed everything up beforehand and have removed any clutter you don’t want to take with you. The fewer things the moving crew has to deal with, the quicker you will be done and the less you will have to pay in the end. Sell, donate, or just get rid of anything you no longer need so it does not impede the moving process.


Handle small fragile items

There will likely be several smaller more delicate items you won’t want to pack in the back of a moving truck. While the moving team is handling the big stuff, gather up the small fragile things you want to pack in your car. Professional movers are usually very conscious about preventing damage, but with some items, you just don’t want to take the risk.

Make some refreshments

Movers work incredibly hard and deserve our respect. The job is very physically demanding and movers work up a sweat, especially during the hot summer months. Show your appreciation to your moving crew by offering some refreshments, such as cold beverages or snacks like granola bars or bananas to keep energy levels high. If you hire moving help in the Bay Area, make sure they know their hard work is appreciated.

Just relax

After a certain point, there will not be much more you can do to help. After that point, it’s fine to just relax and let the moving crew do their job; after all, that is what you are paying for. Besides, you hired pros for a reason and nobody likes being micromanaged.

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