Tips For Moving Fitness Equipment From Full Service Moving Companies

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Full service moving companies like Nor-Cal offer some tips on how to move your heavy fitness equipment

If you are planning a move this year, one of the hardest things will be packing up and shuttling out your home fitness equipment. If you have something like a Bowflex, treadmill, or some sets of dumbbells then you need to be extra careful packing and moving these things. Aside from being heavy and difficult to move, exercise equipment also must be properly stored and packed so it does not get damaged.

Full service moving companies like Nor-Cal have a few tips on how to make moving your exercise/fitness equipment simple and hassle-free.

Clean Your Equipment

Exercise equipment is prone to picking up dirt and bacteria due to human sweat. Before packing up anything, make sure to clean and sanitize your equipment. Wipe down yoga mats, dust off your dumbbells, and clean the surfaces of your treadmill or elliptical. The last thing you want is to bring bacteria into your old home.

Get Strong Boxes

When moving exercise equipment, especially the very heavy things like weights and dumbbells, you need to make sure you have boxes tough enough to handle the weight. It’s better to use small boxes for this, that way you do not pack too many weights and break the bottom. Make sure to wrap the weights and dumbbells in a towel or bubble wrap to protect them from damage.

Get Dolly’s For Anything Heavy

Exercise equipment like ellipticals and treadmills are heavy, like 400 pounds heavy. So if you have to move anything like that, consider investing in moving equipment like a dolly or hand truck. Make sure to get some help too. Even if you can move the dolly by yourself, you will need help getting it up the ramp into the truck and positioning it in the back of the truck. Consider getting the help full service moving companies like Nor-Cal for this part.

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