The Ultimate Office Moving Checklist from Office Movers in Hayward, CA

Office Movers in Hayward, CA

Use This Ultimate Office Moving Checklist from Top Office Movers to Simplify Your Move in Hayward, CA & San Jose, CA

Checklists are a great way to stay organized and complete all tasks during a move. There are many pieces and parts to a move, so our movers wanted to create a list to help you and your employees prepare for the upcoming move. With this in mind, here is NOR-CAL Moving Services’ office movers’ ultimate office moving checklist to help you plan for your upcoming office move.


The Ultimate Office Moving Checklist

  • Create a shared moving folder for all documents, quotes, schedules, contacts.
  • Inform employees of the move.
  • Create a schedule when to start and finish packing, when to move and when to report to the new location.
  • Create checkpoints to see how employees are handling the stress of the move.
  • Complete a walkthrough of the office and take inventory.
  • Sort through what is being moved, thrown away, or donated.
  • Measure all desks, wall hangings, cubicles, etc. to make sure they will fit in the new office.
  • Research local movers and schedule a moving and storage estimate with office movers to meet and discuss your move’s needs.
  • Ask questions during your estimate and ask if the office movers are insured.
  • Select the office movers that complement your needs the best.
  • Purchase packing materials—boxes, packing material, bubble wrap, tape, markers, and labels.
  • Complete packing and move to your new location.
  • Have I.T. services prepare and pack all technology for the move. Be sure to back up computer data first.
  • Contact your moving company a week before the move to double-check the moving day and schedule.

As your move nears, these steps will help prepare you and your employees for your upcoming office move. Our office movers want to make sure you plan ahead and see what in your office is being moved before you reach out to the professionals. How much is being moved, the size, weight, and more all affect the charges of your estimate. Professional movers also offer full-service moves depending on your needs and requirements—so start planning today!


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