Silicon Valley Hosts Events for Every Interest and Industry

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is known for their tech-savvy and eclectic vibe.

Even though they excel at one industry, they have a lot of other opportunities.

If you are moving to Silicon Valley, there are plenty of events coming up this month to get excited about. San Francisco movers, Nor-Cal Moving, have compiled a list of some activities they are looking forward to most.

  • Career Advancement- There are numerous conferences occurring across the Silicon Valley this February. From powerful women speakers to game designer competitions, there is an event for every interest and industry.
  • Cultural Movements- Feel passionate about a cause? So do a lot of other people in Silicon Valley. Attend the 7 International Together Against Stigma Conference or get involved with one of the many clubs and organizations promoting a green living or gender equality just to name a few.
  • Hobbies- Whether you are a movie buff or a trivia junkie, there are a variety of opportunities for you to enjoy your favorite past-time. San Francisco Independent Film Festival is now open until February 19. The Mostly British Film Festival is opening on February 12. For those Big Data and Trekkie fanatics, there is a trivia night just for you on February 26.
  • Foodie- Whether you are a food connoisseur or you just love tasty grub, there are several ways to give your taste buds a treat. Just in February, there is a beer week, wine competition, and wine tasting walk. The Vietnamese Tet Festival and the Chinese New Year Parade and Celebration are also great opportunities to try different cuisines.

The ever-exciting Silicon Valley is sure to keep you busy. Looking for a moving company in Silicon Valley, Nor-Cal Moving Services an excellent choice! With years of experience and a vast knowledge of moving and the Silicon Valley, they deliver your belongings with exceptional service.

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