Sharing a Space

Moving into a shared space - Nor-Cal Moving Services in San Jose, CA

You’re at the point in your life where you’re moving in with your significant other. There are a lot of challenges that come with sharing a space, but communication and detailed planning can turn any stressful move into a beautiful memory.

The list is endless when it comes to preparing and executing a move, but having the proper tools and references can make all the difference. Couples generally tend to look far into the future and miss the crucial details that really help make the transition go smoothly. It’s easy to make Pinterest categories of the home decor dreams and projected living room setup, but combine your desire for a creative start with a practical moving method, and you will soon have your desired home setup!

Are You Seeing Double?

Depending on the space you’re moving into, be sure to maximize your truck space by eliminating any duplicate items or furnishings you and your significant other have. Evaluate your need for multiple tables or kitchen appliances, and distribute the extras by having garage sales, using sites like Craigslist, eBay, and Facebook, or an app to sell unused items. Making some extra money on your no-longer-needed items will help pay for any unforeseen expenses during or after moving. Also, it will prevent any additional storage that may be needed, getting rid of excess “junk” could save your truck costs in the long run.

Time for New

To save time and space when moving, sell any old furniture you and your significant other have been keeping for years, and invest in long-lasting furniture that will supplement your new space. Investing in quality seating options and furnishings is an important part of sharing a space together, as you finally invest in something that reflects the value of your relationship. Especially living room furniture, which is generally the first space you would bring guests and family members for housewarming parties, and any future gatherings. This is especially beneficial when having furniture shipped to your home, so not paying for the additional load on the moving truck will save time when you ultimately decide later on to purchase new furniture.

If you feel you are not financially ready to invest in all new furniture, most places offer financing options, if you’d like to pay for your new items month-by-month. This allows you to have the home of your dreams, while also taking practical financial steps.

Split up the Combined Costs

Nobody wants to foot an entire moving bill, so factor in time as a pair to discuss the financial practicality of moving, and if the time of year is effective for any family members or friends willing to help move. Confiding in a trustworthy moving service will alleviate any nerves toward trusting strangers with personal belongings (fragile objects, scratches, and dents in furniture, etc.).

To get an exact amount for your trip, whether it’s international, long-distance, or local, fill out our quote form to request your free in-home moving estimate right now or contact NOR-CAL Moving Services for more information.

Involving the Families

Be sure to reach out to any family members or friends who might be willing to help. Not only will this provide a deeper connection with your loved ones on this journey, but their understanding of your current needs as a couple. If they find you are missing a crucial piece of furniture or kitchen item throughout the move or unpacking, they might be able to arrange additional support for you or give any extra items they have in their own homes.

It can get a little uncomfortable trying to gather the right amount of people to come to help you move but offering things like refreshments, and favors in return will be a pleasant offering for an intense point in you and your significant other’s life! If you need extra help, check out these great tips for asking friends to help you move here.

Moving doesn’t have to be complicated, especially if you surround yourself with the proper support system, from friends helping you move, to a mover like NOR-CAL who takes into consideration all of your moving needs.

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