San Leandro Movers: Apps to Help you Sell Things Before your Move

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At NOR-CAL, our San Leandro movers know how tough it can be to box all your belongings. Often, our clients look to us for advice to simplify their move. And as such, we typically suggest you take the time to go through all your personal possessions and truly figure out what you’re keeping and what should be left behind. While you won’t be taking it along with you, the items you no longer need can bring in some extra cash – which, of course, is always helpful! To help you get started on your decluttering, our San Leandro movers suggest the following well-known apps for reselling.


By far, eBay is one of the oldest online selling websites and is widely considered a trustworthy platform. Also, with the great tech support, there’s always someone available to help you out with your listings and transactions. Sell locally with the eBay mobile app, making it fast and convenient to connect with prospective buyers and get paid.

Facebook Marketplace.

As a vastly popular app and one of the most widely used ones around, Facebook offers a way to sell stuff online while using your social network. The Marketplace section of the app makes it quick and easy to list things on your profile, connect with people in your area who are interested in your stuff, and also notifies you instantly when buyers contact you.


The aptly named Decluttr app makes it super simple to clean out large sections of your home, as it was specifically created to sell off items in bulk. What’s really unique about this app is how it provides a shipping label for you to ship your items to their headquarters, so they can then inspect everything before they resell it.


Here’s a local app that’s designed to be user-friendly, targeting your specific area with your listings. As with the others, it’s also free to use, and best of all has a simple, easy-to-learn interface.

NOR-CAL San Leandro Movers

Organizing your belongings before your much-expected move can seem like a whole lot of extra work. But, it’s essential to consider not only how much money you can save selling off your unwanted items, but also how much you save on moving costs too. Simplify your life with these apps, and before your upcoming relocation, call us at NOR-CAL to help with your moving needs.


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