During a move you might not be thinking clearly. That is why one of the largest San Jose moving companies, Nor-Cal Moving Services, is here to help you with your move and to remind you of five very important utility hook-ups you will need at your new home.

1) Electric – Nothing is worse than living by candlelight. Of all people in the U.S., Californians should know best because of the rolling blackouts.

2) Gas – Even though most heating is electric now, many stoves are still gas-operated.

3) Water – A long hot bath is needed after a sweaty move, don’t risk not having your steaming water to go along with your bubbles.

4) Internet – Moving away from loved ones is rough, especially if you can’t use Skype to stay in contact.

5) Cable – TV creates great background noise in a new environment, especially if it is TV you actually enjoy watching, aka cable. Also, with Netflix in talks with cable companies you may soon be able to enjoy your online moving streaming service as an on-demand option.

The San Jose moving company also would like to remind you to have these same utilities turned off prior to moving out of your old home. Choose the leader in San Jose moving services, Nor-Cal Moving Services, to provide residential moves that meet your timeline and budget.

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