San Francisco To Gain New Medical Building

You fold paper. You fold clothes. But do you fold your car? You might in 2013 when the Hiriko Fold is expected to go on sale for around $16,400. The Fold was made possible by the Hiriko Driving Mobility Group, which consists of various auto parts suppliers in the Basque region working with MIT and the Spanish government.  Perfect for cramped spaces, such as urban areas, like San Jose, 3 1/2 Folds can fit in a typical parking space.

This car is able to shrink to 5 feet when parked, but during regular driving mode it is 8-feet-long. You would never have to fight for parking again, and the movers in San Jose would always have space to pull up and unpack their moving trucks in the bustling city. The car will weigh less than 1,100 pounds and can run for about 75 miles on lithium-ion batteries. Now the San Jose movers want to know when a moving truck will be able to shrink during transit to make sharp turns a breeze.

US DOT Federal Motor Carrier MC # 670818-C