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In an intense talent market, establishing an employee mobility policy is essential, but handling a corporate relocation internally has its own risks. As procurement teams navigate the program and its potential pitfalls, managing the logistics of talent mobility can become stressful because security is a top concern for businesses. By collaborating with a competent corporate moving partner, you may lessen the risks connected to overseeing employee movements and maintain the safety, economy, and efficiency of your relocation program.


Cost Risks

Procurement workers are responsible for finding the best value when buying goods and services for a business. This means that budget is one of their top priorities. Supporting corporate moves can lead to extra costs, but working with a corporate moving partner can help protect your business from hidden fees like long haul or equipment fees and give you access to lower and more open pricing. Because of their experience and network of agents, they can more accurately predict costs and get discounts, keeping your business moving costs stable and within budget. This also saves your team the time and effort of building ties with each supplier on their own. This makes the process much faster and easier, and a fully developed network backs it up.


Supply Chain Risks

In the past year, disruptions and delays in the supply chain have been a big worry in every industry. Through their established national network of support, a business moving partner can help you keep your relocation plan from getting interrupted. Your moving partner has a wide range of suppliers all over the country and the world. This gives them the links and framework they need to deal with any problems that may come up. Corporate movers keep an eye out for problems and can stay on top of things thanks to their large network. This makes sure that you and your employees have a regular experience.


Fraud Risks

When looking for and hiring local suppliers, there is always a chance of fraud, especially if you don’t have a thorough process in place to check them out. This risk not only hurts your bottom line, but it could also make things hard for your workers who are moving if suppliers don’t do their jobs.

By working with a trusted business moving partner like NOR-CAL, you can reduce the risk of fraud and avoid moving scams like false quotes and hostage loads. Our team of trustworthy, high-quality movers is backed by insurance in case something goes wrong. This adds another layer of protection against risk.


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