Sile O.

“I've used NOR-CAL Moving Services about six times over the past 20 years for interstate moves. This time was another cross-country move. My original visit was supposed to be in person, but was switched to video. I wasn't thrilled because I had a complicated two stop delivery scenario that was giving me heartburn. Thank you COVID. However, I shouldn't have worried. Video visit went well. Price was competitive. But that isn't nearly as important as THE MOVE. Day 1: packing. I had spent weeks packing my books (I have a lot of books). They packed the rest of the place in 3 hours (4 level townhouse, 3b, 2.5 bath). Apologies that I don't recall the name of the crew. But they were great! Day 2: pick-up. Lucky me, I lived in a place where the truck couldn't do the pick-up. No problem. Our driver (Lucien) showed up with his team. We went over the two drop off issue with him and asked for an estimate of timing. Which drop off were we? When did he think he'd arrive (ballpark was fine). We were the final stop, 4 and 5, with an estimated delivery of April 25. With the weather and everything, I figured delivery would probably be later, maybe April 27 (which was fine). How wrong. Sunday I received a text from Lucien. We'll be there tomorrow morning for delivery. And there he was with his east coast team. A few things were packed wrong in the truck (for the wrong drop off location), but he (and the team) were great about doubling back 5 miles to drop the stuff off at the first location and getting it set-up. Although I hope not to have another big move anytime soon, I can't say enough great things about NOR-CAL Moving Services and Allied. I find some of the reviews hard to believe based on my consistent experience with them over the years.”
★★★★★ 2 years ago