NorCal was a saving grace during our chaotic company move.

Last month I moved my company from Palo Alto to SF over a weekend with the help of NorCal. Our move in general was very chaotic as we signed a lease, renovated a building and moved cities in three weeks. NorCal was my saving grace with this move! They were incredibly reliable, efficient and wonderful to work with. Their movers were very friendly and made great use of their time. They actually made what was a stressful environment for me much more light-hearted. They were also very responsive, polite and followed directions well. NorCal sent just the right amount of people to do the job well. James Colwell was the director of our project and also awesome to work with. Also, their pricing is VERY reasonable. Before finding NorCal, I used a local facilities company to move a 15 person company a half a block (literally). The cost if this move was only marginally lower than what NorCal charged to move a company of 65 people into a much larger building 35+ miles away. My move would not have been a success without NorCal!! I couldn't recommend them highly enough!!
★★★★★ 12 years ago