Nor-Cal’s movers made our office relocation fast and easy!

We had the pleasure of working with Nor-Cal Moving Services with our new office re-location earlier this month (August 2012) and we were honored to have hired such a reliable, honest, easy, fast and a friendly staff. The staff members were easy to talk to and followed great directions. They knew exactly what they were doing and recommended a few strategies to help ease the process of the move at a timely manner. They weren't in for nickel and diming us for every hour...rather getting us home as early possible on a Friday night to start the weekend on a good and stress-free note. They even took away our old gadgets, computers, and furniture that we were planning on disposing [at an extra cost] for free! In regards to pricing, you will find that they are fairly decent compared to other moving services. When Jim, our sales rep, came into our offices for a price estimate, he was very detailed and looked into everything that will effect the estimate; whereas when we called in two other companies for their estimates, they were in and out and just threw out a "more or less" figure. Nor-Cal even provided us with more than enough boxes, labeling stickers, pictures, and other 'outside' services - disposal of equipment at no extra cost, bringing down 'sold' equipment to the curbside the day of move if sold to a buyer, etc... Our move started at 5:30pm and we were done just before 10:00pm, as promised. After settling in and unpacking the next week, my manager and I noticed that we had misplaced the company camera and videocamera in one of the credenza's that were marked as one of the items to be disposed of. When we brought this to the attention of Jim, our sales rep, he was able to track down the credenza and the company camera and videocamera the very next morning. He even went out of his way to drop off our equipment to us that same week! I will definitely recommend Nor-Cal Moving Services for all your moving needs in the Bay Area. If you choose to go with a competitor or an alternative, I don't know what to tell ya...SMH Aman Chahal Gallen.Neilly & Associates
★★★★★ 12 years ago