Nor-Cal’s movers are honest, efficient, and understand the business goals of office furniture dealers.

In an industry crowded with marginal talent, it is difficult to find someone who simultaneously bridges the gap between office furniture installation knowledge/application and an understanding of a dealer's business goals i.e. profitability, timeliness of work preformed,customer satisfaction et al. Garth Kaashoek takes a legacy of industry experience, innovation, understanding of field and retrofit possibilities and delivers them all to his clients and business partners. I have been especially impressed with the clarity, insight-fulness, and almost counter-intuitive quality of Garth's ability to accommodate project changes and challenges -- his attention to detail, follow up, and communication skills all reflect deep subject matter expertise along with a willingness to come clean with the truth on everything from Norcal's capabilities and weak points to opportunities within my own organization for fine tuning or remediation. In short, I find Garth to be remarkable in comparison to his peers in the office furniture installation industry.
★★★★★ 12 years ago