Letter of Recommendation: Mary C. Oppedahl

I am writing to commend your company and Paul Swaim for the excellent service provided to me leading up to and during my move on January 25, 2020. As a preliminary matter, while every move is a disruptive and stressful process during normal times, it was far more so for me this time around. I was forced by unforeseen circumstances to move in a hurry, during a pandemic and was downsizing from 30 years of living in homes with a lot of storage to an apartment with little storage. All of this made my move quite daunting, along with the fact I was doing it alone, unable to call on friends or family due to the pandemic.

Then I called Nor Cal and met my savior, Paul. From my first encounter with him to the last, Paul made the entire process so easy. He was always professional, extremely competent, unendingly pleasant, extraordinarily helpful and said "yes" to every request I made. His survey of my home, inventory of my items, preparation of the estimate and explanation and scheduling of the moving process were efficient and clear. He was always responsive and answered all my questions clearly. My biggest concern was the downsizing aspect of the move. I had a lot of possessions from books to clothing to household items to furniture that I could not take with me. With all the charitable donation centers closed, I was worried about how I would rid myself of all these now-unwanted items. Paul to the rescue. He made it all disappear like magic over several trips to my home. I was also delighted they would be donated to charity, something I could not do myself.

I used Nor Cal for my last move in 2012 and was familiar with your company from the many corporate moves Nor Cal did for the large law firm for which I worked for over 30 thirty years. I was always impressed by and valued the efficiency, professionalism and top-quality service you provide. But even more than that, I have been extremely impressed by your people. Paul carries on that tradition in the best possible way.

As I result, I can honestly say I am one of your biggest fans and promoters. I have told many friends of the extraordinary service you provide and how wonderful Paul has been in every respect. People are dumbfounded and want your name. One friend is planning a cross-country move in a couple of years and is interested in retaining you. I will be extolling your virtues to others as well. I hope you know you could not have a better employee and ambassador for your company than Paul. While I did take up day drinking over the past six weeks, it would have been far worse without Paul. He is simply the best.

Very Truly Yours,

Mary C. Oppedahl

★★★★★ 4 years ago