Residential Movers: How to Prepare Your Children for A Move

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As local residential movers, our experts at NOR-CAL regularly help families transfer homes. Typically, households with young children need a different approach to moving, as broaching this emotionally fraught subject with youngsters can prove daunting for any parent. Whatever your situation may be, our professionals have the following advice to recommend when preparing children for a move.

1. Avoid Surprises by Being Transparent
In so much as you believe it will be helpful, be as transparent as possible with your kids. While you don’t necessarily need to share every single detail, transparency helps to avoid unpleasant surprises. Create a safe space to discuss their feelings with family meetings, using drawing, coloring, and games, as well as talking, to better understand the emotions behind what’s going on with your kids during this time.

2. Prevent Added Stress
In general, children love fun distractions, right? But right before, during, and after moving day, what’s least stressful for youngsters is to stick to their usual routines. Of course, it may not be realistic to strictly adhere to naps, mealtimes, and bedtimes every day of the week during this period. But for the most part, try to maintain regularity while keeping plenty of space for flexibility.

3. Explore the New Community
Before residential movers arrive to whisk your belongings away, take the kids to visit your new community to see what it’s all about. Show them the fun new parks, recreation centers, ice cream shops, and pools. Walk around to discover the area, check out some interesting little shops, grab a bite to eat, and perhaps take pictures of your adventure.

4. Let Your Child Get Involved
Relieve some of the stress of moving by allowing – and encouraging – your kids to pack up their own belongings. Provide them with empty boxes they can decorate with markers and stickers. And perhaps, even suggest they write their names on their own cardboard boxes. Even if they’re not able to write, they can create a list of the items in the containers with phonetically sounded out words or even drawn pictures.

5. Set Up Their Room First
Although you’re likely itching to set up a long list of other rooms, take the time to set up their bedrooms first. This will certainly minimize disruptions after the move, as it’ll be ready for nap or bedtime. Plus, doing so is an excellent way to get your children to decorate their own space – and keeps them out of the way for a bit!
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