Professional Movers’ Pros & Cons of Downsizing

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The Advantages & Disadvantages to Downsizing from Professional Movers in Hayward, CA, San Jose, CA, & Surrounding Areas

When moving into a new home, downsizing can make a lot of sense. Downsizing usually saves money, reduces stress, and reduces carbon footprint. It can also mean a new beginning. But shrinking has drawbacks. For starters, moving is a hassle, also, downsizing is guaranteed to save you money.

Our professional movers at NOR-CAL Moving Services have put together a list of pros and cons to help you determine if downsizing is appropriate for you.


Pros of Downsizing

Most people that downsize do so to save money, but that isn’t the only reason. Downsizing has several obvious and less obvious advantages.

  • No Mortgage – Smaller dwellings are theoretically cheaper. If you have enough equity in your current home to pay cash for a smaller home, you may be able to sell it and buy a smaller one. Paying in full has both short and long term benefits. First, you won’t require a mortgage, which means no origination and lender fees. Without a mortgage, you can close faster and avoid the associated paperwork. Plus, you won’t have a mortgage payment after you move in.
  • Lower Monthly Costs – Downsizing can save you money on anything from your mortgage payment to your utility costs. That extra cash might be utilized for retirement, trips, or a new pastime. You may also have money for more concerts or dinners out. Downsizing may help you to live a more fulfilling life.
  • More Time – Living in a smaller home means less cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning an 1800-square-foot home takes far less time than a 3,600-square-foot home. So you have more time. If you move from a house to an apartment or condo, your landlord or property management firm will typically take care of lawn maintenance and repairs.
  • Less Tension – Downsizing can reduce stress caused by larger dwellings. With a smaller (or no) mortgage payment and cheaper utility expenditures, you’ll have more money each month. As a result, you shouldn’t have to worry about paying your car loan or going out to lunch with friends. You’ll also have more time to relax because you won’t have to spend your weekend cleaning or mowing.


Cons of Downsizing

Moving into a smaller home requires compromise. You may also have to give up entertaining and overnight guests. Read on to learn if moving is worthwhile for you.

  • Less Furniture – Downsizing your home may also necessitate downsizing your furniture. A king-sized bed overwhelms your new, smaller bedroom. Yes, you can sell the bed and use the proceeds to buy a smaller one, but you will almost probably lose money. And it won’t stop there. Some large furniture and paintings may need to be reduced.
  • Limited Privacy – If you don’t live alone, you’ll have to get used to sharing your space. This can be difficult for families used to hiding in their own rooms. Siblings may have to share rooms and a TV. However, the limited space might help families or couples bond.
  • Room to Entertain – Say goodbye to hosting Thanksgiving dinner or a pool party. In a tiny home, you may only be able to entertain a small group. You may not be able to accommodate overnight guests unless you move into a smaller house with a guest room.
  • Minimal Storage – Holiday decorations, extra bedding, winter clothes, photo albums. Even if you reduce, you will need to store certain goods in your home. Again, the smaller the house, the less space and so storage. Aside from buying storage solutions and storing goods in plastic totes under the bed, you may miss the extra storage space.


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