Practicing the Three R’s

Reduce, reuse, and recycle are three words we hear often in today’s environmentally conscious world.  As environmental catastrophes become more prevalent, so do the laws about recycling.  California’s new Electronic Waste Recycling Act created a program for consumers to safely dispose these electronic devices.  Nor-Cal has the E-Waste solution for you.  Our movers in San Francisco offers an E-Waste service that includes the pickup and safe disposal of your old electronics, and it also provides you with a certificate of environmentally safe equipment disposal.  We are the top company for recycling electronic equipment in the bay area.

Nor-Cal is an expert in the recycling industry.  Currently, Nor-Cal Moving Services became the only company in its industry to receive a green certification in the area.  The green certification is awarded only to companies that have met the expansive requirements for sustainable practices in solid waste reduction, energy conservation, water use and pollution prevention, and we are proud of our achievements in this field.

Nor-Cal offers a wide variety of recycling services in San Francisco.  Whether you are moving and have an old TV or you are replacing all of your antiquated office electronics, our movers in San Francisco have the recycling solution for you.  Make sure you avoid any legal penalties and use Nor-Cal’s E-Waste service.

US DOT Federal Motor Carrier MC # 670818-C