Packers and Movers’ Tips on Unpacking After a Commercial Move

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Professional Packers and Movers Offer Advice to Help Your Business Unpack After a Commercial Move

NOR-CAL Moving Services’ professional packers and movers want to help you plan for your next commercial move with these tips for unpacking after a commercial move. Commercial moves can be complicated due to the number of people and resources involved so it’s a good idea to plan ahead and streamline this process.


Benefits of Packers and Movers for Your Commercial Move

Professional packers and movers are carefully trained to pack, transport, store, and deliver your belongings, files, stock, furniture, equipment, and more. They will pack your belongings safely for the move and can save you the cost of damages or accidents caused if your items are not packed well.

These services are known as full-service moves…

  • Packing and Unpacking Services
  • Short-term and Long-term Storage Services
  • Disassembly of Furniture and Cubicles
  • Floor Planning Services
  • T. Services
  • And more



A commercial move can benefit from packer and movers’ organized approach. For example, all boxes will be color-coded and numbered so it is easy where they go upon arrival and to make sure all boxes have arrived. Unpacking can be prioritized such as completing the storefront of the lobby first so the business can start accepting customers and operate normally soon. Movers will unpack room to room to stay in order and to avoid the chaos of unpacking everything at once.

Professional movers will not only unpack but help set up by assembling items such as cubicles to save you and your staff the trouble. Computers and equipment will be set up and restored by I.T. professionals.\

Moves take a lot of work so be sure to check in with your employees throughout the process to make sure they are handling the changes well or if they need help. With the help of commercial movers, your business or company will be back up and operating in no time. Take some time to celebrate this accomplishment with a reopening party for staff too!


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