Nor-Cal Oakland moves the Exploratorium Museum

The vast  majority  of the commercial moving that is done by Nor-Cal is standard office moving, with computers , office contents and furniture being moved from one office building to another. Occasionally we are contracted to provide moving services to entities that are much more interesting and challenging. Without a doubt the contract we have been awarded to move the Exploratorium Museum to their new home on the SF Waterfront fits into this challenging category. The museum chose Nor-Cal to move all of the exhibits, all of the researchers, and all of their wood and metal shops where the exhibits are created from their existing location in the historic Palace of Fine Arts complex in the Marina district of San Francisco.  The entire project started in November and will continue until opening day in April.


Bill Sutton and Craig Brewster are managing the project together, with the Relocation Coordinators and the Exploratorium staff. Frank Verdugo and Roberto Guzman are the two crew leaders who are supervising the movers and insuring that all of the more than 600 unique exhibits are transported and installed with great care and attention to detail. Frank and Roberto have been instrumental in assisting the staff with the creation of an exhibit book that details each individual exhibits’ characteristics in regards to size, location, what is required to transport the exhibit safely, and the date and time when each item is to be moved.   In terms of labor and truck requirements, we estimate that we will use over 9,000 man-hours of labor to move almost 200 truckloads of a wide variety of items to accomplish this project. Putting that into perspective, that will keep 20 movers, 5 days a week busy for more than 2 months!


In addition to keeping our crews busy in what is typically a slower time of year, this project and Nor-Cal will receive tremendous media coverage as opening day approaches. That exposure will only enhance Nor-Cal’s reputation as a San Francisco moving company that provides outstanding service on projects of this scope and magnitude.  For more information you can visit their website at

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