NOR-CAL Moving Services: Our Best Movers Compiled a Glossary of Moving Terms

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As if preparing everything for your big move is not overwhelming, stressful, or confusing enough, you also have to know the lingo of the moving industry to get everything done right. To help you get familiar with moving terms, the best movers from NOR-CAL compiled this short glossary of the most common and most important terms in the moving industry.
Accessorial Charges – Additional fees for services like packing, crating, disconnecting.
Actual Charges – The final cost of your move from start to finish.
AMSA – Abbreviation for The American Moving & Storage Association.
Bill of Lading – A document, legally binding, which outlines all the details related to the move such as shipping dates, inventory items loaded, etc. It serves as a receipt of your agreement with the best movers you have chosen for the job.
Cargo Claim – A claim you can file if any of your goods get broken or damaged during a move.
COD – Stands for cash on delivery.
Cube Sheet – A list of household items and the amount of space measured in cubic feet.
DD – Short for delivery date.
Divider Installation – This specifies how much it will additionally cost to install dividers between valuable items to keep them more secure.
Elevator Charge – An additional fee applied when a job involves the usage of an elevator.
Gross Weight – The total weight of both the moving truck and of the cargo it carries.
High-Value Articles – Any household item that is valued at $100 or above.
Inherent Vice – When the condition of certain objects prevents even the best movers from moving an object without causing damage. This typically refers to fragile antiques.
Inventory – A detailed checkup list describing the quantity and condition of household items.
Line-Haul Charges – Charges calculated by the mileage and weight of a shipment, usually used for long-distance moving.
Mobile Containers – Big storage containers delivered to homes and shipped once filled with household goods.
Non-Allowable List – A list of items any professional moving company will not handle.
Overflow – A term used to describe items that are left behind due to insufficient space on the moving truck.
Pallet – A movable platform for holding materials designated for storage & transportation.
PBO – Abbreviation for packed by owner.
Quote – An estimated price of the moving company’s services.
Released Value Insurance – A basic moving insurance policy required by federal law, provided with no additional costs.
Stretch-Wrap – A heavy-duty saran wrap, used to protect furniture and other heavy objects.
Tariff – A detailed list of company rates, rules, and regulations.
USDOT Number – This number serves as registration for vehicles that transport any cargo across state lines.
Van Line – Van lines are national bands that coordinate teams of local agents across the country to provide moving services.
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