NOR-CAL: Hayward Moving Company Shares Tips on How to Measure Doorways and Stairways for Moving Large Items

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Making preparations to move to a new home? To ensure everything goes smoothly and you do not damage some of your belongings, there is so much to consider, including how to properly measure your stairways, doorways, and entrances before the move. You need to be absolutely positive that all your large items can leave the house without damaging the property or the furniture itself.

At NOR-CAL, we prepared this short guide to help you right-measure your place just like a pro from Hayward moving company would do it. Here is how:
Before measuring the doors and stairs, you first have to measure all large furniture and make certain it can fit through. Always measure the tallest, deepest, and widest points of your furniture pieces and pay attention to their shape. Only then should you proceed to measure your doorways.

To measure doorways properly, it is best if you measure from inside the doorjambs. Account for doorknobs and how wide your doors can open. It is a good idea to remove the doorknobs, if at all possible. This way, you can prevent damages and reduce the risk of injury. If you can choose different paths, always opt for doors that are more spacious.

Unlike doorways, you want to know the width of your staircase at its narrowest point. Measure the widths and take handrails, posts, and wall fixtures into account. Also, measure the height of the stairs from top to bottom as well as the height of the bottom steps to the ceiling. Professionals from Hayward moving company also recommend to look for sloped, curved, and oddly shaped surfaces just to be sure.

Potential Obstacles
If you determined that your measurements are optimal, it is time to plan your route and clear a path. Where possible, it is always better to have more space than you require. Remove all breakable objects and decorations such as lamps, paintings, and fans and account for all the items that cannot be removed like banisters and railways. Once you have made your preparations, you might want to double-check everything to be on the safe side.

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