Moving Companies Bay Area: How to Help Your Pets Adjust to a New Home

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NOR-CAL has helped move countless families – and their beloved pets – to their new homes. As one of the leading moving companies in the Bay Area, we have seen our fair share of anxious, overwhelmed animals. Luckily, with the following suggestions from our team, your pets will feel comfortable in their new surroundings and adjust to the space in no time.

Keep the Same Schedule

More often than not, we keep our pets on the same routine. Eating, sleeping, and walks become predictable. This predictability, however, is what animals prefer, as it creates a world they can rely on. Although schedule changes may not affect us much, they can create a whole lot of uncertainty in the pet realm. As such, try to stick to the same routine with them, even while unpacking.

Offer Lots of Exercise

Too much energy build-up can lead to anxious behaviors like chewing on shoes, scratching the furniture, and even peeing on the carpet. Offer your pets lots of exercise time immediately after the move, so they can burn their nervous energy and skip any negative behaviors.

Create a Designated Safe Space

Set up a pet safe space as soon as you arrive. Place their belongings in that area, such as their bed, toys, blanket, and bowls. Ensure this spot is out of the way so they don’t feel lost in all the confusing moving motions. Though a designated safe zone, this spot doesn’t necessarily need to be their permanent space and can be changed once the chaos dies down.

Introduce Your Pet Gradually

For the first few days, limit your furry friend to just one room. After getting to sniff that area and feeling more comfortable, gradually introduce more rooms. There’s no need to rush, so really take your time to show them the rest of their new home.

Stay at Home

Undoubtedly, our animal friends simply don’t understand the need to move. Nonetheless, it will take them several days to realize this is their new habitat. During this transitional period, they may likely become agitated or confused. Because of this, it’s recommended to stay by their side for at least a week, until they acclimatize. If you need to leave at some point while they’re adjusting to their environment, then if possible, have someone familiar to your pet stay with them until your return.

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