Moving and Storage: Change of Address Checklist

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Although relocating to your new home is certainly exciting, the whole process of moving and storage can be a daunting experience indeed. With so many things to consider, without a doubt the key to a smooth move is to plan ahead. Using a list not only reminds you of what needs to be done, but also gives you a visual of when they need to be done by and what has been already completed. To help your transition be as fluid as possible, our moving and storage experts at NOR-CAL have come up with the following checklist.

Personal Contacts
A good trick to make sure you’ve reached each one of your contacts is to create a master list, crossing off each name as you go along. Don’t forget to contact:
• Family members
• Friends
• Neighbors
• Employer/Place of work
• Daycares, universities, colleges, and schools
• Landlord (if necessary)
• Charities
• Clubs
• Associations

Healthcare Professionals
Keep your health records up-to-date by letting your healthcare professionals know you’re moving. If need be, they can transfer your file to your new health professional. Call them with the information or mention your new address and number at your next appointment.
• Doctor(s)
• Dentist
• Children’s physician
• Veterinarian
• Physical therapist
• Other healthcare specialist(s)

Creditors and Services
Provide your creditors and other service providers with your new address and phone number for an unhindered level of support and to skip any unnecessary fees.
• Landline and/or cell phone
• Cable
• Internet
• Electricity
• Natural gas
• Garbage
• Lawn care
• Snow removal
• Heating fuel company (ask if you apply for a deposit refund)
• Banks/Financial institutions
• Credit card companies
• Insurance companies/broker(s)
• Lawyer/notary
• Babysitter

Do you have any subscriptions? If so, don’t forget to have them transferred to your new home.
• Loyalty programs
• Retail clubs
• Religious organizations
• Music
• Books
• Newspapers
• Magazines
• Meal box deliveries
• Subscription boxes

Government services
Of course, notifying the government is a very important step you absolutely cannot skip! Call them as soon as you can to give them your new contact information. However, some of these services allow you to change your information online.
• Driver’s license
• Internal Revenue Service
• Vehicle registration
• Voter Registration
• Social Security
• Employment Insurance
• Department of veteran affairs

Online Services
There may be other virtual services that require your new address and phone number, such as:
• Shopping (Amazon, Chapters, etc.)
• Streaming services
• Mapping services (Apple Maps, Google Maps, etc.)
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