Lump-Sum Payments for Employee Relocations in Hayward, CA & San Jose, CA

Employee Relocations in Hayward, CA & San Jose, CA

Learn About Using Lump Sum Payments for Professional Moving and Storage Services During Employee Relocations in Hayward, CA & San Jose, CA

A lump-sum payment is a helpful tip for your employee relocation. If you or your employees are moving soon, a lump sum can streamline your moving and storage experience. Employee relocations are a big transition for a new place to live and a new location for work. Here are the benefits of lump-sum payments during a move.


What is a Lump Sum Payment?

A lump-sum payment is an agreement between employees and companies to make a move go smoothly. This can be a cash payment made directly to the employee or a sum given to the moving company for the employee’s relocation needs and provided services. Lump-sum payments can cover the full expense of a move, or partial depending on the agreement. This will allow an employee’s transition to not disrupt too much of their work and personal life with this aide.


Professional Moving Services for Employee Relocations

Professional movers can streamline a move with services such as their full service or partial service moves. If your lump sum payment budget allows for a full-service move, the movers will save you time and stress by packing your belongings for you.

  • Packing
  • Unpacking
  • Furniture Disassembly
  • Pick-up
  • Short-term and Long-term Storage
  • Delivery

During your estimate with the moving company that you have selected for your employee relocations, these services can be discussed and customized to fit your budget, schedule, and preferences. These services will allow you to focus on work and your family during the transition of a move.


Enjoy the smooth transition of a move assisted by a lump sum payment. If you have received one from your employer and your employee relocation is coming up, these tips and explanations are here to help you. Your company, you, and your future movers will work together to complete your move.


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