Living in Southern California: The Cities

Southern California is arguably one of the most comfortable places to live. In addition to the region’s pristine weather, Southern California is home to countless beaches, parks and majestic mountain ranges. If you’re moving to one of Southern California’s ten counties, you’re never far from excitement, or rest and relaxation – whichever you are looking for.

Below you’ll find some details about three cities that offer a range of fun exciting and relaxing things to do.

Los Angeles:

Population: Nearly 4 million souls

Total Area: 503 sq. miles (1,302 sq. km)

Ranking: 2 largest city in the United States; 48 largest city in the world

Cultural Life: Los Angeles (AKA: “The Creative Capital of the World”) is inhabited by more artists, writers, filmmakers, actors, dancers and musicians than virtually any other city in world history. Approximately 1 in 6 residents makes their living by working in one creative capacity of another. LA is also home to Hollywood, an area that, over the course of the 20 century, has become synonymous with the motion picture industry.

There’s no shortage of sun, fun and excitement in Los Angeles!

San Jose:

Population: Just over 1 million souls

Total Area: About 180 sq. miles (466 sq. km)

Ranking: 3 largest city in California; 10 largest city in the United States

Cultural Life: San Jose is home to a incredible variety of activities and attractions and is home to an average of 301 days of sunshine. This weather is ideal for being outdoors while walking around the various parks, gardens and other recreational sites as well as a multitude of museums, libraries and other fun activities. These include the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose, Martin Luther King, Jr. Library, The Tech Museum of Innovation and more.


Silicon Valley:

Population: 3.5 – 4 million people

Total Area: City size is roughly the same area as Santa Clara Valley and includes a plethora of large and small technology companies.

Ranking: N/A

Cultural Life: Home to some of the world’s most prominent technology companies, Silicon Valley is stretches farther and it’s not exactly an independent city. Many residents in and around the Silicon Valley area are drawn here by the abundance of culture and likely to work at one of the large technology powerhouses such as Google, Facebook and other industry giants. Silicon Valley is also home to many entrepreneurs and remains the third largest ‘cybercity’ in the United States.

From a geographic standpoint, Silicon Valley encompasses the entire Santa Clara Valley as well as the southern Peninsula and the southern East Bay.


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