Creative Ideas for Leftover Moxing Boxes From Our Moving and Storage Company

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After the hectic moving day has come and gone and all the boxes have been unpacked at last, you’ll find yourself swamped with a truckload of empty boxes. Of course, you can recycle them or donate them to the local moving and storage company, but there are also several surprising ways you can repurpose your moving boxes into creative projects! Here are some of our favorite suggestions at NOR-CAL Moving Services.


Snail mail hasn’t gone out of style by any stretch of the imagination. With a hearty supply of cardboard boxes, some washi tape, paper, scissors, and a dash of your personal brand of creativity, you can craft whimsical, thoughtful postcards to send to loved ones. This is an activity the whole family can get on board with, especially kids.

Cute and Customized Organizers

Cardboard boxes aren’t all that aesthetically pleasing. However, they are quite literally a blank canvas just waiting to be made cute and personally customized for any space in need of some organization. As you decorate and make your new home feel more like home, design your own organizers—you can overlay the boxes with fabric, paper, burlap, or anything else that can be glued or stapled to the cardboard!

A Fort

Before donating all your boxes to your local moving and storage company, be sure you give this idea a try! Especially during a time of upheaval such as a move, building a fort or castle with your kids out of your moving boxes and some tape will be such a fun, bonding activity. Bonus: your kids can decorate the walls of the fort with stickers, drawings, and such.

Weed Management

Control the overbearing weeds in your garden and cultivate a grassier, lovelier backyard with your extra boxes! Using a spade, dig out the first few inches of topsoil in an area that gets overtaken by weeds and place a flattened moving box there. After soaking the box with water until it becomes heavy and soft, replace the topsoil and any good sod over the cardboard. The box will serve as a discouragement to any weeds trying to grow and will eventually biodegrade into your lawn!

The Ultimate All-Purpose Container

Cardboard boxes are the ultimate all-purpose container. Keep one in a closet as a place to put items for donation or use it as a recycling bin or garage trash can. Another idea is to put one in the trunk of your car as a place to keep your washer fluid, coolant, jumper cables, and tire-changing kit.

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