How to Plan for a Long Distance Move

Long Distance Moving

Long distance moving can undoubtedly be a stressful experience. From planning to packing to actually relocating, there’s a lot to do and keep track of. That’s why your friendly residential moving experts at Nor-Cal Moving Services have come up with these helpful tips on making a plan for your intrastate or interstate moving and sticking to it.


There’s a lot to keep track of, so don’t make your life more difficult by trying to keep it all in your head. Create a checklist of everything that needs to get done, and add to it as you think of things. Organize the checklist according to when things need to happen: Before the Move, During the Move, and After the Move.


Don’t wait until the week of to get your moving supplies – stock up on boxes in a variety of sizes, as well as packing paper, tape, bubble wrap, markers for labeling, and anything else you’ll want in order to ensure that each of your items is safely and securely packed for your move.


You can’t always pick and choose when you need to move, but if you can, try to time it for the moving off-season – fall and winter. This is when moving companies are less busy, meaning you’ll have a wider range of choices when it comes to services and prices. It also means you won’t have to worry about moving your items in unbearable heat. If you do have to move during the spring or summer – the  busy season for moving – book your movers well in advance, and prepare for uncomfortable temperatures by turning the AC on at your new home ahead of time, and drinking plenty of water.


Last, but most certainly not least, when planning your long distance move, whether you’re in need of apartment moving or moving a large home and family, it’s important to choose movers who are up for any challenge. Nor-Cal Moving Services are these movers. As your local moving experts in the Bay Area, Nor-Cal Moving Services is dedicated to making your long-distance as smooth and easy as possible, with affordable care and expertise. From start to finish, we’ll help ensure that nothing gets overlooked, so that you can relax knowing you and your home are in the best of hands! Call us to learn more, or fill out our online form for a free quote!

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