How to Pack Your Car Efficiently for a Move: Tips from Movers in Oakland

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Here is some advice from movers in Oakland on how to properly pack your car to be as efficient as possible.

There are some things you shouldn’t pack up in the back of a moving truck. These items will have to come with you in your car. You might be worried about how you are going to fit all those boxes in your car. Movers in Oakland like NOR-CAL Moving Services are here to offer some tips on how to pack your car as efficiently as possible for a move.

Clean your car first

First things first, you won’t be able to fit your things in your car if you have anything else in there. Take the time to thoroughly clean out your car and remove any unnecessary things that might have found a home there. This includes the trunk of your car too. Get a small portable vacuum and clean out all the debris and dust.

Consider using an overhead carrier

If you own a large SUV, then you can probably fit what you need in the car’s main carriage. If you have a smaller car, you might need to invest in an overhead carrier. Overhead carriers attach to the top of your car and give a bunch of extra space for packing things.

Pack with plastic bags

Contrary to what you might think, cardboard boxes are not very good for packing your car. While cardboard boxes are good for spacious moving trucks, they can get bent and damaged while being jostled around in your car. Movers in Oakland recommend using flexible plastic bags so you can get the most out of the interior space of your car.

Use all space

You have to unleash your Tetris master and fill every space in your car that can be filled. Places you might not consider to use include:

  • Under the seats
  • Around the car’s spare tire
  • Footwells beneath seats
  • Lower the back seats for more trunk space (if you don’t have passengers)

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