How To Pack Pictures and Mirrors, Tips from Our Moving Company

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The professionals at our moving company offer these tips on how to pack pictures and mirrors

Before we get started, you may find it best to let a professional moving company handle packing your pictures and mirrors. Not only do their packers know the best ways to protect these items during transport, but when you let the movers do the packing, they assume financial liability for any damage.

Following these tips from the pros can make DIY packing a little easier:

Start with a few basic supplies:

  • Sturdy cardboard boxes large enough for each item to be packed
  • Sturdy cardboard tubes for any canvas pictures that aren’t in frames
  • Extra sheets of clean cardboard
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing paper
  • Tape, both strong packing and painter’s
  • Moving blankets
  • Foam or cardboard corner protectors
  • A permanent marker

Protect the Glass

According to the experts at the NOR-CAL moving company, the best way to stop the glass from rattling and cracking or shattering is to make an “X” using the painter’s tape going all the way from corner to corner. Once this is done, cut a piece of sheet cardboard to fit inside the frame such that it covers the glass. Secure the cardboard using packing tape.

Wrap the mirror or picture in packing paper and tape it in place. While this should provide adequate protection, you can also wrap the entire package in bubble wrap and tape it in place.

For paintings not protected by glass, cover them with glassine (you can get this material in art supply stores), slide inside a “plastic gallery wrap bag,” and sandwich between two pieces of cardboard or foam sheets. Tape everything together and place inside an appropriate box.

Use Plenty of Packing Paper

Use more packing paper to pad the bottom of the box and then place the mirror or picture inside. You should put more substantial items in separate boxes, but you can pack smaller ones together in one box using plenty of packing paper to keep them together and well protected. Be sure you stack the smaller items vertically instead of laying them flat to avoid unnecessary pressure that could cause damage.

Fill any empty space with more packing paper or bubble wrap to keep things from moving around in the boxes.

If you are shipping canvases that are not in frames, place sheets of paper on both sides of the painting. Then place a layer of bubble wrap on the painting and gently roll it up. Tape the bubble wrap and put everything in a cardboard tube.

For More Information

If you would like to learn more about how the pros pack pictures, paintings, mirrors, or just about anything else, there is only one moving company in Northern California to call. Contact NOR-CAL Moving Services at (866) 209-3194; our agents are always happy to answer your questions and dole out a few tips.


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