How To Pack Computers and Electronics

Your computers and electronics are probably some of your most treasured possessions – whether it’s that 70-inch flat-screen TV, gaming console, or slim desktop in your office. With your move quickly approaching, you’re thinking of how to prepare and pack these items. In truth, packing computers and electronics ahead of a move isn’t the most straightforward of tasks, and a little forethought and preparation can go a long way. So, what tips for packing electronics can make your move hassle-free?

Tips for Packing Computers and Electronics

Whether packing your electronics for storage or moving, these tips will help keep your computers and electronics safe and working properly.

Back-Up Your Data and Files

Today, the importance of data can’t be understated. For some, it is everything. While your electronics are unlikely to suffer damage if properly packed, you don’t want to take any chances. In case of any damage during storage or move, you’ll still have your data and copies of essential files.

Pre-Packing Preparations

Gather all the user manuals for your computers and electronics. Alternatively, you can get soft copies from the manufacturer’s website. These will come in handy when setting up your new space.
Get the original boxes if you still have them. The best practice is to pack computers and electronics into their original boxes. If these are not available, get sturdy packing boxes. Don’t forget to get special padding for electronics along with the boxes.

Also, it is advisable to have large and sensitive electronics covered in bubble wrap. This ensures that your electronics don’t shift, keeping them safe while in storage or on the move. Adding silica gel to the box prevents moisture buildup, which would otherwise corrode metal components.
Before disassembling and unplugging your electronics, take a picture of their setup. This will save you time when setting up your new space.

Pack Your Electronics

When it’s time to pack your computers and electronics, remove anything that doesn’t need to go into the box. Start by removing batteries from your remotes or other electronics, and keep them in one box to prevent potential overheating and leaking.

Eject DVDs from devices such as gaming consoles and use tape to shut the drives. If you’re moving your office, remove toner cartridges from your laser printers or any other printer cartridges from non-laser printers and keep them in a dust-proof bag.

Label Your Electronics and Cables

While labeling can be time-consuming, it saves time when setting things up in your new space.
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