How to Make Move In Day Easier: Tips From NOR-CAL Moving Services

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NOR-CAL moving services offer some tips on how to make move-in day as easy as possible

We know, moving is hard. Once you are done with the long trip hauling your stuff to a different state or across the country, the last thing you want to do is spend more time moving stuff. We feel your pain and so NOR-CAL Moving Services is here to offer some tips on how to make that initial move-in go as simply as possible.

Label Boxes

Before packing things into the moving truck, make sure all your boxes are clearly labeled. That way you know exactly what is in them and where they need to go. You can divide and label boxes based on the room or on the type of contents.

Hire professionals

If you have the money, you can hire professional moving services. Professional teams will take care of everything from you, from initial packing to final unpacking on move-in day. Hiring a professional team is usually the best way to make your move as easy as possible.

Unpack large things first

Try to unload any large items first, like furniture, tables, and stands. Moving the hard object first gets them out of the way and makes everything else seem easier.

Prepare food beforehand

While you are unpacking you likely won’t have your kitchen set up so you can’t really make yourself some food. That is why you should plan meals beforehand and prepare a few days worth of meals so you have good quality food when you are unpacking.

Go room by room

Keep a strict routine while unpacking and try to go room by room. This will help keep you motivated as you will be able to see your house coming together during the move-in process.

If you are looking for moving services in the California area, give NOR-CAL a call at 510-269-4905. Our full-service team has the professional skills to make move-in day go as smoothly as possible.

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