How to Avoid a Moving Scam: Tips From Moving Companies in California

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Here is some advice from moving companies in California on how to avoid the dreaded moving scam

Scam. Even the word itself sounds shady. Unfortunately, there are many scam moving companies out there that take advantage of inexperienced movers. From bogus quotes, lack of insurance, and poor performance, scam moving companies can really ruin your day if you fall for their tricks. If you are looking for moving companies in California, here is some advice on how to avoid a moving scam.

Only accept in-person moving estimates

A legitimate moving company will always try to physically send a person to your place to do a moving estimate. If a company tries to do a moving estimate via phone or email, look elsewhere as it is likely they are being unscrupulous.

Make sure they offer insurance

Registered moving companies in California are required by US law to offer at least 2 kinds of moving insurance to customers. If you do not see anything about moving insurance on a company’s website, that is a huge red flag for a scam.

Get everything in writing before the movers touch anything

Make sure you get all the details of your contract in writing before the mover touch anything in your house. Scam moving companies often withhold giving a final price until the movers are already doing stuff, which lets them railroad you with a bunch of extra hidden costs. No one should touch anything in your house until you have a full agreement in writing.

See if they have their own moving trucks

Less reputable moving companies often rely on renting trucks from third parties. A good sign of a legitimate moving company is if they have their own moving trucks. To be fair, the fact that a moving company might rent trucks from third parties does not necessarily mean they are a scam company. Many legitimate smaller moving companies may have to rent trucks due to costs, for example. However, it is something to be wary of, so make sure you do your research.

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