Good Eats in San Francisco!

Are you a foodie?  If so, San Francisco is the place to be.  With many different restaurants and cuisines to choose from, San Francisco is a food lover’s dream!  San Fran offers delicious and fresh seafood right off the coast. The smell of cappuccino lingers in the streets of San Francisco as you visit Chinatown, where you can find any Chinese dish you desire.  Home to many famous restaurants, there is something for everyone here.  San Francisco Movers, Nor-Cal Moving Services shares their insight on some good places to grab a bite while you visit the Bay Area. Roam Burgers You step off that plane and if you are like me, the first thing I crave is a delicious cheeseburger – offering fresh, high quality ingredients, Roam Artisan Burgers in the place to go.  Roam is committed to using sustainable meats and produce, such as 100% grass-fed beef and organic vegetables.  Everything they make uses high quality ingredients that are good for your body and mind.  Try one of their premium burgers with a side of their amazing Truffle Parmesan Fries. Got a sweet tooth? Try one of their homemade shakes to boot! Scoma’s Restaurant Scoma’s has been a staple for seafood in San Francisco since 1965.  Located in the Fisherman’s Wharf, this restaurant’s service and quality of food continues to shine with every dining experience.  The crab cakes and clam chowder soup is cosmic and the freshness of the seafood is incomparable.  While you are dining, order an Anchor Steam beer or a glass of white wine to compliment the wonderful tastes this San Francisco staple has to offer. Anchor & Hope

Are you a fan of sea urchin?  I wasn’t at first – and until I tried it.  Anchor & Hope offers the best plate of sea urchin and raw oysters for appetizers.  Paired with a bottle of wine, your dining experience will be complete.  Entrees are extraordinary here, too, especially the Anchor & Hope Lobster Roll!

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