Getting Your Home Ready for Winter; Tips from Bay Area Movers NOR-CAL

Bay Area Movers at NOR-CAL Moving Services in Hayward, CA

Bay Area movers NOR-CAL offers some tips on how to prepare your home for the winter.

Winter is almost upon us which means cold weather and potential snow. Winter can be a costly month, whether through higher utilities and heating bills or repairs from snow and moisture damage. Bay Area movers at NOR-CAL are here to offer some tips on how to prepare your home for the winter months.

Check your heating system

Most people end up spending more on heating bills during the winter. For a small fee, a certified technician can come to your house and make sure your furnace heating system is working efficiently and at manufacturer rated specifications. Bay area movers like NOR-CAL Moving Services recommend scheduling an appointment early before there are long wait times from everyone getting their heating inspected in the winter.

Fix any roof problems

Snow and the accompanying moisture can exacerbate roofing problems. Before the cold weather fully sets in, inspect your roof for any tiles or missing shingles. Even if you are in a place where it does not snow very much during the winter, poor roofing installation can make your house less efficient at trapping heat and can raise heating bills.

Clean the gutters

Your gutters are likely clogged full of leaves from the autumn. Make sure you clean out your gutters from any leavers, dirt and debris. Backed up gutters during the winter can cause leakage, damage your siding and wood trim, and create those pesky icicle dams.

Restock winter essentials

Make sure you have everything you need around the house for winter. This means things like extra blankets, snow shovels, driveway salt, firewood (if you have a fireplace) and of course, fuzzy socks.

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