Furniture Movers: How We Protect and Prepare Your Home for A Move

Furniture Movers in Hayward and San Jose, CA - NOR-CAL

As professional furniture movers, our NOR-CAL team manages a significant number of short and long-haul transfers. With so many relocations to oversee, our experts regularly employ several measures to ensure your home is well-protected and prepared for a move. Check out the following list of critical things we do to help our clients before, during and after their move.

Professional Packing
Without a doubt, packing up your home is one of the greatest tasks to do when planning a move. However, with professional packers on your side, you’re not only assured proper packing techniques are utilized but also the right kind of materials too. With the use of premium-grade moving supplies, we expertly, carefully wrap, box, and crate your personal belongings.

Furniture Protection
Of course, larger items like appliances, sofas, tables, mattresses, and chairs require protection too in some instances. In most cases, we wrap these pieces with plastic wrap, ensuring they don’t get scratched or damaged in the event they get dinged. We also use thick padded sheets to protect larger, heavier items in the truck during transport. With the use of dollies and other specialized carriers, we can easily transfer items across the room and house to the truck.

One of the most necessary, but often forgotten, things that truly simplify a relocation is proper labeling. As professional furniture movers, we cannot emphasize this enough! Thus, if clients have no means to clearly, correctly list what items are inside boxes or containers, we do it for them with high-grade labels. Not only will this help us figure out what room to place things in, but it will also make your life so much easier to know what exactly is inside those containers.

Separate Fragile Items
Fragile items, aside from needing proper labeling to greatly reduce the likelihood of breakage, simply needs to be separated. Therefore, as delicate objects require careful handling, we take the time to separate them, placing them with other equally fragile items. After having loaded the truck with everything else, we then pack them in a special cargo section or simply transport them separately.

Looking for professional furniture movers for your upcoming relocation? Give us a call at NOR-CAL today for more information on how we can make your move stress-free and easy.

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