Essential Items Not to Forget on Moving Day!

Moving can be hectic. You’ve got schedules to coordinate, family members to herd, and tons of items that need to be packed away while staying organized. For over thirty years, the pros at NOR-CAL Moving Services have helped households of all sizes and shapes make it safely to their new homes. But there’s only so much prep and moving information our experts can help you with. It’s up to you to remember, but to help, we’ve put together a list of essential items that families forget to keep special track of:

1. Important documents: birth certificates, social security cards, and other essential papers.

2. Stored items in basements, storage lockers, or safety deposit boxes.

3. Pet toys offer familiar smells and bonds that help calm nervous pets.

4. First items to be opened such as toiletries and dishware.

5. Liquid items and perishables should be kept separate and in sealed bags/containers.

6. Canned food, dried snacks for the road and at arrival.

7. Children’s books, games, or toys to occupy them while driving or while moving in.

There are a lot of reasons that items need special attention. While a children’s toy may not have the same value as your birth certificate, without it at the ready when you need it, it could count for a stressful relocation. Make sure you think through each item as you pack it, or use a full-service packing solution from professionals like us! To learn more about the moving and storage solutions we offer, call NOR-CAL Moving Services today to get started! You can also fill out our online form to request your free moving quote.

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