End of Wildfire Season!

November 12 was a very special day for those in the northern California area. That was the day the official wildfire season ends. This is a great day for everyone in the Pacific Northwest. Wildfires run rampid across the landscape for months at a time. Many individuals have lost their homes and many will continue to lose them in the coming years. This is much like what we see during the summer and fall months on the east coast with hurricanes. Bay Area Movers, Nor Cal Moving Services, is known for their outstanding service to the surrounding community. Nor Cal movers have been working with the victims of these firestorms, but much still needs to be done. We will continue to work with the families that are affected by these tragedies. Bay Area Moving Companies work for long seasons in comparison to some Midwestern and east coast movers, so when it comes to aid those in need, we must do our jobs efficiently and quickly. If you are in need of a moving service, please contact Nor Cal Moving Services. Start off with our FREE moving quote!

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