Decorating Your New Home on a Budget: Tips from San Mateo Movers Nor-Cal

San Mateo movers offer some tips on how to decorate your new house without lightening your wallet

So you have everything unpacked, utilities set up, and are starting to settle into your new apartment. Now it is time to turn your house into a real home with some decorations! Odds are you are already strapped for cash from the move, so how can you decorate your house while on a strict budget?

San Mateo movers Nor-Cal are here with some tips on how to decorate your new home without spending too much money.Read on for some wonderful DIY decoration ideas that will look great and keep your wallet fat.


You can often get away with decorating without buying any new stuff, provided you smartly repurpose any olde things you have. For example, got some old moving boxes? Turn them into fun storage containers with some felt and paint. Do you need entirely new kitchen cabinets, or do they just need to be resurfaced? Repurposing old items saves you money and is a good outlet for creativity,

Buy Used

Sure, it may be convenient to buy a brand new bookshelf from Amazon, but you can likely save some money by buying a used one from a yard sale or online marketplace. There are tons of places that sell secondhand items like furniture and clothing where you can pick up great items for super cheap.


San Mateo movers like Nor-Cal know that one of the easiest ways to completely change the atmosphere in a room is to give it a new coat of paint. New paint can make dingy walls look like new and open up a space so it seems more friendly and accommodating. Paint also tends to be cheap, and with the right combination of brushes and stencils, you can draw in neat designs.

Homemade Art

A little bit of artwork goes a long way to sprucing up your home. You don’t even need a Jackson Pollock to have art worth looking at; if you are a craft-minded person you can make your own wall art using supplies from around the house; cardboard, fabrics, paints, and wallpaper.


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