Come Wine and Dine in the Bay Area!

The Bay area in California is known for some of the best restaurants and wineries in the world!  If you have a passion for wine and food, you should book your trip to the Bay Area immediately.  With mild temperatures all year long, the weather and atmosphere makes dining outside just as enjoyable as sitting in one of the award-winning restaurants located in the Bay Area.  The combined area of San Jose, Oakland, and San Francisco make up the Bay Area, which is the 2 largest area in California, following Los Angeles.  Bay Area Moving Company, Nor-Cal Moving Services has been moving people to and from the Bay Area for many decades.  Over the years, we have become experts on the best places to visit in the world-famous Bay Area.  Keep reading to learn the best places to wine and dine at in Northern California.

Napa Valley – This goes without saying, but if you are visiting the Bay Area, you should absolutely take a day trip to Napa Valley.  Offering numerous wineries and little restaurants, exploring the wine capital of the world should be #1 on your list.  While visiting Napa Valley, make sure to try the family-owned wineries that offer fresh and delicious wine with spectacular backdrops of the wine vineyards.  Most hotels in the Bay Area offer daylong bus tours to Napa with knowledgeable tour guides to teach you everything you ever wanted to know about wine.

Sonoma – Another possible day trip to plan is taking a visit to the Sonoma Valley, just 45 miles north of San Francisco. Sonoma has a great downtown area in the form of a square.  Offering many restaurants, shops, and wine bars, you will be sure to find something to occupy your day.  One restaurant you should definitely try is Sunflower Caffe Espresso & Wine Bar.  Sunflower serves local wines and offers delicious menu items including the Smoked Duck Breast Sandwich, which is a specialty here.  After lunch, you can browse through the numerous shops or stop by a local wine bar to enjoy another glass of wine from Sonoma and Napa Valley.

Wine Bars and restaurants to try in San Francisco:

·  Burma Superstar – Richmond

·  Delfina  – Mission

·  Boulevard – Financial District

·  Va de Vi – Walnut Creek

·  Rosso Pizzeria & Wine Bar – Santa Rosa

Be sure to visit California’s Bay Area as soon as possible.  There are many more restaurants, wineries, and activities to take part in.  We look forward to seeing you very soon!

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