California Moves: How to Pack and Move Fancy Clothes and Suits

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Get the best, seamless California moves with our professionals at NOR-CAL. With decades of experience on their side, our specialists can provide you with the expertise you need to carefully transport your belongings. As you’re packing up your home, you may come to realize that not all items can be boxed in the same manner. Expensive suits, fancy clothes, and designer shoes require truly thoughtful packing. Check out the following tips to safely pack that Vera Wang dress, Valentino suit or exquisite pair of Louboutin heels, so every item arrives in perfect shape.

Hangers and Garment Boxes
Ideally, if your designer clothes are already placed on hangers in your closet, then leave them just like that. With the use of specialty designed garment boxes – also known as wardrobe boxes – that you can acquire from our movers, your clothes can easily be transferred over via the specially designed box and transported to your new home. These boxes have poles where you can securely place the hangers, which easily keeps everything in place. If you don’t have them yet, then consider getting wood hangers, as they don’t crack or warp under the pressure of weight. But also, they’ll do a better job of helping your clothes maintain their proper shape.

Shoe Boxes and Tissue Paper
Of course, with any California moves, there’s likely a whole lot of shoes that need to be transferred. The more expensive ones, however, will need careful consideration to prevent deformity and any other damage. The most ideal method of transport would be in their original boxes, wrapped in non-staining tissue or craft paper. Crinkled up tissue paper, additionally, works great to prevent too much movement in the container, when stuffed into empty spaces. If you don’t have non-staining tissue or craft paper, then bubble wrap will certainly do the trick.

Skip Mixing Clean and Dirty
While it may just be simpler to throw everything into box after box to save time on packing, mixing clean and dirty clothes can really cause a lot of problems in the long run. That’s because whatever substances may be on the dirty clothes can easily transfer over to the clean ones, perhaps even causing stains that can never come out. So, if possible, try washing all of your clothes before the big day arrives, so everything is clean once you do pack it. This is especially essential when you’re dealing with expensive suits and fancy clothes, since replacing them may be a big problem financially.

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