Berkeley Movers from NOR-CAL Moving Services Share Tips on Spaces in Your New Home to Clean Before Moving In

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Excited about moving into a new home? To get off to a good start, you might want to thoroughly clean every square inch of your newly acquired space before you or professional Berkley movers bring in your furniture, appliances, clothes, and other belongings.


Previous owners or tenants, no matter how tidy, surely left a trace of grime, dust, and dirt during the move out. So, get your mops, scrubbers, disinfectants, and other cleaning products out to have your place properly cleaned and sanitized throughout. Only then should you start unpacking and staging everything!

If you could use some good advice on how to deep clean the new residence prior to moving in, here is how professional Berkeley movers would do it:

Always Start from the Top

To properly deep-clean the new place, it is best to start from the top by dusting and wiping ceilings, walls, overheads, and fixtures in every room. This way, all the dust, spider webs, and other nasty things will end up on the floors, which you can easily vacuum or mop afterwards. Pay special attention to cleaning all the windows and panes too.

Do the Bathroom Next

During cleaning, you are most likely to use the bathroom several times to wash sponges or refill water for the mop bucket. Use bleach & specialized cleaning products to treat the bathtub/shower, tiles, sink, and do not forget to sanitize the toilet. While you are at it, opt to install a brand-new toilet seat just to be on the safe side. It is a good idea to do the same with shower curtains and mats.

Proceed to the Kitchen

Because of cooking, grime and grease tend to stick to the kitchen surfaces. As the kitchen is the most frequented area of any home, besides the living room and the bathroom that is, you want the room spotless and shiny. Like we said earlier, start from the top and dust all overhead cupboards, vents, and light fixtures. Then clean the fridge, stove and oven, countertops, cabinets, pantry, and other frequently touched surfaces.

Tackle the Floors

Sure enough, you will probably be mopping floors more than once during the moving process. At least once before Berkeley movers arrive and once after they have brought in all your stuff. By the time you get to cleaning floors, you might be too tired from all those days of hard work so it might be a good idea to arrange a professional cleaning service to clean your flooring.

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