Be Brave, Reach New Heights

Twirling down from banners, hundreds of feet in the air is how Cirque du Soleil troops’ get their thrills. One such troop will be performing at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, Calif. this week for the Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour.

San Jose movers, Nor Cal Moving Services are looking forward to the performance. The older movers can relive their hay-days in the ’80s, and the younger movers can marvel at the mysteries Michael Jackson left behind.

In a whimsical world – filled with bold colored costumes and graceful movements – the secrets of Michael’s inner fantasy world are revealed. The performers’ take risks as they tumble, flip and fly high above the audience.

The San Jose moving services accomplish great feats as well, such as the great dolly uphill climb to push your bookcase to your new apartment in San Francisco. Or the furniture dash as they avoid your new neighbor’s dog.

Here at the San Francisco Moving Company we want to help you overcome a feat in your life, like getting over the fear to move and spread your wings. Don’t be afraid because sometimes letting go is what you need to do to achieve the next step in your life.

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