Bay Area Movers Use Apps to Increase Efficiency

Moving apps

When we started Nor-Cal Moving in 1982, we couldn’t have imagined the way that technology would transform the moving industry and allow us to provide faster, more efficient service to our customers. Today, the phrase “there’s an app for that,” covers every aspect of daily life, and the moving industry is not exempt. Here are just a few of the apps changing the way Bay Area movers do business.


This app lets moving company employees share information in real time. A truck driver on the highway in Florida can easily share info with the staff back at the office in California. Features include messaging, GPS mapping, to-do lists, and a reporting dashboard. Different versions will be available for various jobs within the moving and storage industry.


This app pairs up moving companies with qualified laborers. The LaborNet database includes not only moving pros but other types of workers as well. Anyone looking for help can simply browse the profiles of those nearby and make their choices with a touch of the screen.


This app is a time and money saver for Bay Area movers. While we’re happy to provide in-home estimates, this app allows accurate quotes to be provided without the need for a home visit. The traditional procedure required scheduling a time for the company to stop by the customer’s house, but with Surveybot our Bay Area moving company can conduct the survey virtually. This allows the customer to receive the quote much faster and with less hassle.


When a moving company driver is on the road, it can be difficult to locate services he or she needs. This free app makes it easy to find truck scales, packing material suppliers, and other businesses. It includes easy access to each company’s website as well as hours of operation. Dispatchers and in-office staff love this app as much as the drivers do!


This app is a huge time saver for families or businesses that are relocating. Instead of notifying each utility company, magazine subscription, and other accounts individually, Updater allows you to make the changes to all of your accounts at once. Moving customers love it! Updater can be branded for moving companies, so this app is a hit all around.

Once moving companies begin using these and other apps in their day-to-day operations, it’s hard to remember how businesses got by without them. For more in-depth descriptions of each of these apps, see this interesting article written by Nor-Cal Moving’s marketing coordinator, Johanna Lobaton.

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