4 Tips for Moving Your Pet

Hayward residential moversMoving is stressful for everyone involved. Whether you are human, canine, or feline, the process of moving is incredibly stressful. At least you have the luxury of knowing what is happening; your pets don’t understand this which can cause even more stress.

As Hayward residential movers, we have years of experience moving families and pets. Over this time, we have picked up a few tips to help your pets deal with the transition.

  • Pack Slowly- You are probably tempted to put off packing as long as possible, but this could be a problem. Not only does procrastination lead to haphazard packing, but it will add unnecessary stress for your pet. They will sense your panic and they will suddenly be overwhelmed by packing material. Introducing this change slowly ensures they have time to adjust and process.
  • Prepare an Overnight Bag- When you are packing up items for the trip and first few days for yourself, don’t forget about Fido! Make sure you have their favorite toys, blankets, medications, and food. This will help them feel more at home in the new house.
  • Vet Visit- If you are moving long distance, make sure you visit your vet one last time before your moving date. They will be able to advise you on if your pet will need any medication to help with the moving process and they will be able to tell you what you need when you get a new vet.
  • Adjust Slowly- Just like how you had to warm them up to the moving boxes, let them warm up to your new home. Create a space that is just for them and filled with all of their favorite things. Slowly introduce them to other parts of the home. This may seem like a tedious process, but the gradual adjustment will allow them to get comfy without having a panic attack.

Your pets are an extension of your family. They may be your babies or best friends and they deserve the best. Just like how humans can feel the stress and difficulties of moving, so can your pets. Make sure they and your belongings are treated well.

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