4 Suggestions on How to Keep Kids Entertained from your Long Distance Movers

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With so many things to plan, and do, and pack, moving is certainly a stressful event. Add kids to the mix and you’re left trying to entertain them as you madly dash about packing. And, of course, the closer you get to moving day, the more exhausted you get juggling so much on your plate. Luckily, our long distance movers at NOR-CAL have come up with a few suggestions on how to keep your children busy on moving day.

Create a kid-safe space (so you can work in peace).
Between the heavy boxes being prepared, scissors and other sharp supplies left helter-skelter, and long distance movers going in and out, your home can actually be a dangerous place for little people. Prepare a kid-safe space away from the eye of the packing and moving hurricane. Keep non-electronic toys that appeal to their creative side, like coloring books, markers, activity pads, board games, wood blocks, and dolls, for maximum entertainment.

Let your children “help” by decorating boxes.
An excellent way to distract and entertain for long periods of time is to let your children “help” by decorating the moving boxes. Adorning them with stickers, doodles, and coloring them with markers doesn’t affect their stability, so why not let the kids get a kick out of it! Older children can really help out by creating labels and lists for the boxes.

Keep things chill with a movie.
Instead of shipping your laptop with the rest of your electronics, keep it with you in case of an emergency – a movie emergency! Should things start getting a little out of hand and the kids are running wild, corral them up in front of your laptop with popcorn and a movie. If you can put on a moving-themed movie, even better! You can also whip out the laptop during the car ride to the new house or once you arrive. Take things up a notch by adding blankets and pillows to the equation for some added fun.

Suggest a “camping trip” in the backyard.
Once you get to your new home, suggest a camping trip to the kids to keep them entertained for hours. If you have a tent to put up, even better! No backyard at the new place? Not a problem, just designate a room for them to camp out in. Sleeping bags, flashlights, drinks, and snacks would definitely add more magic to the scene.

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